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The hair care aisle is lined with products that promise to turn frizzy, dry and limp hair into shiny, soft and healthy locks of glory. Yet, few manage to deliver. Emily McClure put one popular product to the test by using it for one week. Her results may surprise you.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner

Like most of us, Emily first heard about WEN Cleansing Conditioner from a QVC infomercial in which founder Chaz Dean makes lofty promises about his product’s restorative abilities. Emily, tired of being ashamed of her limp and dull hair, decided to find out for herself if WEN Cleansing Conditioner can deliver on its promises.

What makes WEN Cleansing Conditioner unique is its completely plant-based list of ingredients. While most hair care products cause dryness and damage thanks to sulfates, emulsifiers and synthetic preservatives, Wen hair Cleansing Conditioner uses botanical extracts and vegetable-based moisturizers to gently cleanse and condition hair.

The Results

Emily decided to use WEN Cleansing Conditioner every day for a week and record her hair’s progress in a journal. She went to the local Guthy-Renker beauty shop and picked up WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner. While many hair care products rely on petroleum-based synthetic fragrances, this product’s delicious smell comes from natural extracts.

She applied the product according to the directions on the bottle. She massaged it thoroughly into her hair and scalp before rinsing it out. Once Emily’s hair was dry, it was remarkably soft and full of volume. The quick results were unexpected and Emily was pleasantly surprised.

Throughout the week, Emily’s hair continued to improve. In just one week, her hair went from fine and lifeless to soft, shiny and full of volume. Even Emily’s friends began to comment on her hair’s improvement.

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This is the code of conduct created for the advertising sector. It is fully by the Anti-Corruption Law.

Specialist in Communication of Public Interest is the only Brazilian agency that was invited to participate in various advertising competitions of international organizations. But its members were not looking for international or national recognition alone. This process of creating the Corporate Integrity Program had started two years ago. Now a rigid Compliance system has been completed as well as implemented in the agency. Hence this is the only one in this sector that has its code of conduct submitted to the General Comptroller of the Union, which is an organ of the newly created Ministry of Transparency, Supervision, and Control.

The founding partner of the agency has stated that this attitude is a consequence of the constant concern which they had about the transparency as well as the delimitation of the directives which are an important segment of the ethics of the agency. Everything has to be correct always, and it must be acted in a coherent and complete way. Such an intense process will require internal changes that must be by ethics.

Bruno Jorge Fagali is responsible for the implementation of the Corporate Integrity Program. This would require training of the teams of São Paulo, Brasília as well as Rio de Janeiro. Bruno Jorge Fagali is in charge of Corporate Integrity Management, created to play this process.

Bruno Jorge Fagali is a specialist in Administrative Law. He holds a Master’s degree in State Law from USP. During his professional life, he has been focused on administrative law specifically on the area of Public Administration control. He is an expert in the prevention of acts of administrative impropriety.

He believes that we need to be careful as our expertise and public communication tends to generate mistrust nowadays.


Comparative law implies the study of the differences between legal systems. The aim of comparative law is to gain an understanding of the legal system of foreign nations. The area of comparative law has become increasingly significant in this era of globalization where private and public law are important in the harmonization and unification of laws for improved international cooperation. While lawyers refer to foreign laws in making compelling arguments for their clients, law makers draw some elements of these laws when drafting new legislation. In addition, judges may seek guidance in comparative law when delivering judgments.Therefore, the study of comparative law is necessary for national law and commercial purposes.



National Law



The Code Napoleon, a set of laws constituted in 17th century France was a result of comparative law. Many governments followed suite and adopted their own versions of Napoleonic codes. This trend of incorporating foreign laws is known as reception. U.S.A. Australia, India, and Africa have all participated in reception by incorporating English Common Law in their constitutions.



Commercial Use



When nations are conducting business, an understanding of the different laws applicable in the respective nations is important during the drafting of contracts. An entrepreneur should understand the benefits of investing in a foreign country and the risks involved when making binding business agreements overseas. This was the main basis of the French Centre established to impart knowledge on comparative law in 1920. The same reason led to the spread of comparative law in America and the rest of the world. To learn more about the subject, check on



About Sujit Choudhry



Sujit Choudhry is a law professor who formerly acted as Dean at Berkeley law. Choudhry is internationally renowned for his knowledge, experience, and contributions in comparative constitutional development. Choudhry’s research focuses on pertinent questions on comparative law, and the design of constitutions in a bid to aid transition from violence to peaceful politics particularly in societies that are ethnically divided. Sujit Choudhry has published more than ninety articles, working papers, reports, and book chapters on comparative constitutional development.


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In 2010, Sujit Choudhry was among four Canadians who received the prestigious award of Trudeau Fellowship. Choudhry bears law degrees from Harvard, Toronto, and Oxford. He has worked as a legal clerk at Canada’s Supreme Court.

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How well do you know your BMX bike brands? BMX bikes are generally awesome, but certain brands take functionality over the top. Here are the three best BMX bike brands.


We the People

We the People is considered the epitome of performance; it is strong but also light-weight for easy riding. It also features good looks that fit in perfectly with the urban setting. The latest make for this model is We the People Zodiac that was released in 2016.

Zodiac features 9-inch rise handlebars that make riding comfortable and enjoyable. It also features a SALTPLUS sprocket guard for guaranteed safety, and its street-dog setup gives it a powerful look and feel.


Haro has been in the market for decades, and its good design and cool looks never fail to impress. It is popular particularly for its compact build that places it among the best motocross bikes.


2016 saw the release of Haro 1985 FST Tribute Limited Edition, a modern embodiment of the iconic 1985 Haro. The bike features that classic 80’s look, but it is fitted with a host of modern features that boost performance. For instance, it features a full chromo 21-inch frame, alloy double-wall rims, and alloy shell rear cassette hub, among other features.



Kink bikes are simplistic in their appearance, but they are amazing performers that are just as impressive off-road as they are on the city streets. The brand recently released the Kink Solace Tony Hamlin Signature, which combined a mean look with impressive personality. Some of the bike’s outstanding features include a stealth pivotal seat, Hemlock pedals, and a two-piece tubular crankset.

For the majority of people who follow a normal diet, it is important to buy meat. Meat is one of the most important parts of the diet unless one is vegetarian. For one thing, meat has certain nutrients that are hard to get in other types of food. Among the nutrients that meat provides are protein and certain b vitamins. This helps people function and maintain their health. For one thing, when one is lacking protein, it can cause a breakdown in muscle tissue. However, not all meats are of high quality and good to eat. One has to make sure that he is getting meat from a good source.

Read more: OSI Food Solutions UK Awarded 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council

One really good source of meat is the OSI Group. The OSI Group is one of the largest meat suppliers in the world. As a matter of fact, it provides meat to many different companies so that it can serve customers. Among the companies that receive meat from OSI Group are McDonalds, Subway, Wendy’s and plenty of other restaurants and food serving places. Most importantly, OSI makes sure that the meat it supplies to different companies are of the highest quality and the most sanitary. After all, the wrong type of meat can cause health problems for the individual.

People that go to fast food restaurants and get great tasting food as well as healthier food are receiving the meat that has been prepared and supplied by OSI Group. Even when they go to the grocery store and buy meat from the refrigerated sections of the store, they are getting their food from OSI Group. OSI Group is very trustworthy and shows a lot of good business sense. This is one of the reasons that it is the largest meat supplying business in the globe. The meat supplied by them can be trusted.

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George Street Photo and Video Locations offers wedding videography, photography, and planning services from locations in the cities of Chicago and New York. Centrally located in two of the biggest and most popular cities in the United States, their photo and video staff utilize the unique features of the city skyline, and the romantic taste of urban culture to create stunning and elegant wedding photography and video packages that will be cherished by for a lifetime by every couple that utilizes their services. For a wedding experience unlike any other, George Street Photo and Video gives the magic of Chicago and New York City to the newlyweds. Visit for more info.

There’s no doubt that lately, the streaming service Tidal is making noticeable positive changes. The person behind this developments is ROC Nation executive Desiree Perez. She is popular for her strong personality and bossy character. Desiree is a woman who gets what she wants as she has vigorous negotiating skills. She is very popular and known in the streets. Apparently, not even Empires own cookie would dare compete with her. She is referred to as the ‘’Babe Ruthless” by the N.Y. Daily News.esiree Desiree is well known for closing the Rihanna Samsung deal and Beyoncé’s formation stadium tour.This two were great deals.

Desiree Perez is currently initiating a project targeting the young consumers in the competitive market. The service will not be entirely free, but it will be affordable as it will require the user to subscribe $9.99 for regulars and a premium streaming at$19.99 monthly, this is meant to add artist’s power on revenue generated from their work. She has also refined the focus of Tidal streaming services to upcoming artists and exclusive live performances. There is also a plan to ensure Tidal stays ready for what is subsequent and fresh. They are doing away with their old hits for a while and also aiming at streaming in quality video shoots.

Under the management of Desiree, the organization also has vast album exclusives from their co-owner Rihanna, Kanye West, Beyoncé, and T.I. The current point is the highest point Tidal has ever been. According to, a lot of members have joined Tidal since 22nd of February. The new membership shows that despite the high streaming competition, Desiree is determined to make this company last. Most people joining Tidal know that Desiree has the needed mindset to take the company to higher places as she owns her business which represents her positively.


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Shampoo is a very common hair care product. The basic use of the product is to clean the hair and leave it looking fresh. While shampoo does a good job of cleaning the hair, it does not always leave it manageable, and many people follow up with a conditioner. The conditioner helps the hair to be rid of tangles and easier to comb and style. This process is then repeated over and over again every day.

For someone looking to simplify the process, WEN hair care may be the solution. Chaz Dean according to Wikipedia is a celebrity stylist with a long list of A-list clients. He uses his products on all of his clients that he sees in his salons. This is a cleansing conditioner that takes the place of five common hair products that are used daily. Wen by Chaz combines a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, detangler, and deep conditioner all into one product.

Wen by Chaz is made from all natural products. These products were chosen for their botanical effects and because they would not strip the hair of its natural oils. The cleansing conditioner works to restore hair back to its natural condition. Hair is healthy and better looking after each use. Many of the Wen hair cleansing conditioner products are widely available online on QVC as well as in many select retail stores all across the world.

The cleansing product can be used on all hair types. The process is simplified because there is only one product to be used. Chaz Dean created a product for everyone of all hair types. This is a newer product on the market and is changing the way many people are handling their hair.

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Equities First is an international loan and investment firm established in 2002. They are bringing a rarely used investment tool to the masses through their equity based loan programs.Businesses and individual who are interested in borrowing capital can breathe a little easier now that this unique tool is available to them. They find that they will benefit greatly when they opt for an equity based loan through Equities First.

Access to capital is now readily available through stock-based loans. The loans have several distinct advantages over the tradition loan program. The red tape process is virtually eliminated because of the collateral aspect. The interest rates are widely lower and the requirements for the funds borrowed are essentially eliminated.Borrowers can use the common stocks that they already own as collateral for loans based on the current value of the stock as well as the anticipated growth of that stock. This provides a much-needed leverage that is unavailable through lost lending institutions.

These loans appeal to borrowers of all kinds since the funds are not subject to a specific use. The money can be used for business expansion, debt reduction or even personal use. What is even more appealing is the fact that the borrower doesn’t have to give up their position in the stocks they own.Equity-based loans are considered to be a much more lucrative investment tool because they provide a much higher loan to value ratio which gives the borrower more capital on their on their loan. This, coupled with the fixed interest rate allows the borrower the confidence of the future value of the loan.Equity First customer’s benefit from the limited risks involved with this type of loan. The borrower has the added ability to walk away from the loan in the case of the depreciation of the asset.

Brian Torchin is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of HCRC Staffing. HCRC Staffing provides a staffing service to those in the health care field, as well as being a consulting firm. Brian founded HCRC (Health Care Recruitment Counselors) Staffing in 2007.

Torchin obtained his Bachelors at the University of Delaware, with a degree in Exercise Science. He went on to achieve a DC, Chiropractic at New York Chiropractic College. Before founding and heading HCRC Staffing he was the Director of Medical Marketing at Practice Management Inc for 7 years.

HCRC Staffing recruits and places staff for all positions needed in a medical facility. The company can place all types of staff including everything from Dentists, to Physician Assistants, to Physical Therapists, to Receptionists. One of the things that HCRC Staffing prides itself on is the ability to find a customized staffing solution within 72 hours.

Based in Philadelphia, PA, Brian has continuously expanded the company and it can now provide staffing not only across the entire United States but has also expanded into Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Brian Torchin has over 18 years experience in staffing, as well as having managed medical facilities himself. Due to this he is highly qualified to provide consultation services to answer issues that come up such as legal questions and marketing. The consultation services are provided free of charge to all of HCRC Staffing’s clients.

HCRC Staffing handles staffing solutions in three stages. The first stage is job counseling for the medical professionals that approach him for job assistance. HCRC staffing provides the job counseling as a way of getting these professionals into the medical specialty that best fits them.

The second stage is the vetting of the medical professional, in order to ensure that they have all of the required qualifications required for a position. Finally they engage in job placement where they fit each person to a position, one that usually needs to be filled quickly.

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