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George Soros was born in Hungary in 1930. He later fled to the United Kingdom where he graduated from the London school of economics. He served at an investment bank in London for several years at the entry level. Later on, he left for the United States in 1956 and joined the F.M Mayer firm in New York as an analytical and investment manager. Here, Soros worked for three years before joining Wertheim Company until 1963. From 1964, Soros moved to Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder until 1973 when he founded the Hudge Fund Company. Through Hudge Fund Company, Soros would manage Soros Fund for more than two decades before quitting the daily management of the Quantum Fund in the 1980s. He grew the Soros Fund’s profitability by 30% annually.

George Soros’ political endeavors

After relinquishing the routine operations of his company, Soros became a philanthropist. He donated a huge amount of money to open society foundation. After earning an honorary degree from Oxford University, Soros preferred to be identified as a financial, philanthropic, and philosophical speculator. As a political activist, Soros could lecture and write about the political position of the USA in respect to the world affairs on He focused on education, human rights, and political freedom awareness.

In 2004, George Soros spent over $27 million in an attempt to take over from George Bush. In the recently concluded USA election on Time, he offered more than $25 million to support the Democrats campaign including Hillary Clinton, the 2016 presidential candidate under the Democratic ticket as indicated by the Democratic fundraising operatives. Soros and other associates promised to give more fund for the campaign as the election date drew closer.

With 25 years of relationship with Hillary Clinton, George Soros rejuvenated his engagement in politics on Also, the fear for Donald Trump, who happened to be Soros business and investment rival fueled more likelihood of Soros’ involvement in politics. Soros describe Trump as a fear monger and compares him with terrorist groups like ISIS. Therefore, Soros describes the 2016 political stakes as being exceptionally high. Soros cites hostility in the Republican camp considering his standpoint in many years. For example, Soros’ fundamental reforms were religious tolerance, immigration reforms, and criminal justice reforms at Soros investment rival, Donald Trump, represents extreme harmful reforms that Democrats and Soros describe as a threat to the coexistence of countries around the world.

Democracy Alliance donor club recently met to deliberate on the transformation agenda that Trump seeks to introduce in the first 100 days as the president of the USA. His reforms are perceived to be a threat to the Obama legacy. As a principal donor in the club, George Soros’ support for Obama and Hillary stands threatened. The fact that Soros attended the proceedings of the donors’ meeting demonstrates his commitment to oppose Trump’s presidency. Today, George Soros is regarded as an influential, progressive, and equitable political activist.

Just like the music industry, the fashion industry has been transformed to apply high tech equipment and gadgetry. The music industry has evolved over the years thanks to rapid advancements in technology. Fashion too is being transformed in a similar manner. There are many examples where one can show the relationship between technology and fashion. One Dutch fashion designer created several inventions thanks to technology. She was able to invent a self-painting dress which automatically mixes different colors. The designer has been behind several other technology creations in the fashion industry.


Chris Burch recently wrote an article indicating the dependence between fashion and technology. He is the current chief executive officer of Burch Creative Capital. As the leader of the company, he runs the daily operations of the company. He manages several sections of the company such as helping client business grow, startup support and helping small-scale businesses grow. He has created a company that finds new ways companies can market their services and products. He has a long history of going up the success ladder for many decades.


According to Chris Burch, many designers in the market today recycle material to come up with exclusive designs. He gave an example of the SegraSegra Company that made jackets and that made use of inner tubes of bicycles. He further gave an example of the recycle radiator copper that gives a fabulous gown. According to Chris, these are a few examples where fashion has been applied in technology. Energy can be transformed to movement. New fashion clothes in the industry have dictated that the energy can be used to power devices such as a watch or an MP3 player.


Burch explores the independence of fashion and technology. He stated that Soledad Martin has been working on a shoe prototype which can charge one’s phone while walking. Chris notes that the wearing of Google Glass became a fashion trend only recently. At the release of the Google Glass product, the product did not receive any much attention. However, when one of the designers made her models walk the runway wearing the glasses, it gained a huge popularity. The fashion show was meant to popularize the product, and it worked.


Chris Burch can be called a man with a passion for productivity and creativity. He is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. He has built a long and impressive record of being an entrepreneur and an investor. One of his first investments was during 1976. He started his career with a company while he was still an undergraduate student.

The world is gradually transforming into a digital platform where your online reputation on the internet means a lot to you. The majority of the people and organizations who have to deal with others have been using theirdigital reputation to build up a reliable and credible appearance for them on the internet for either promotion or communication purpose. However, this is not that easy, and there are some threats or risks in this approach such as trolls. This is where Darius Fisher and Status Labs come in the picture that has been helping public figures and organizations to develop and maintain a strong online reputation.



Darius Fisher is the co-founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Status Labs, a company which is one of the leading Austin-based companies specializing in online reputation management, digital marketing, and public relations management. This company has in-depth expertise in developing online promotional strategies, a partnership with influencing agencies and resources as well as creating an online reputation. This company has a large clientele of 1500 people in more than 35 countries. With its head office in Austin, this company operates with 30 staff working in its Austin, New York, and Sao Paolo offices. Within a short period of its inception, this company has become a strategic partner in online reputation management for some the Fortune 500 companies as well as public figures.



The CEO of Status Labs, Darius Fisher is a native New Yorker who attended Vanderbilt University. He started his career as Litigation Support Executive at Discover. After this, he worked as a Political Consultant and Copywriter before founding Status Labs in 2013. From the very beginning, Darius has the vision to develop an organization that would not only understand how people perceive a person or an organization on the internet but also create the ability to use this knowledge in promoting them. Through his strategic directions, he has helped numerous clients who wanted to build up their online image or suffering from a bad media publicity or poor image on the internet. In addition to this, he has a number of publications on online reputation management as well.



Festive wines generally fit into a specific set of flavors, aromas, and colors that add a little something to the best Holiday, meals, events, or gatherings. Getting the best possible flavors and vintages of wine to make the Holiday season as enjoyable as possible means adding high quality vintages and varieties from some of the world’s top wineries in France, Italy, and Spain; the inclusion of these wines in any festive meal or event will have a positive affect on any event or party.

UKV PLC has been a well known name in the UK Vintners industry for a number of years and has been developing new areas of service to be enjoyed by members from around the world who work with the company. One of the major concerns for those who invest in wines is to find a high quality storage facility to keep wines used for an investment, which includes the ability to store fine wines with an insurance policy that keeps the wines secure at all times. Valuation and brokerage services are also always available to the public as individuals from around the world use the services of the company to get the most from the company at any time.

There are five wines that make up the list of the best wines to enjoy in terms of the flavors, maturity, and vintages that bring together all the best aspects of the wines we have seen as the best possible options for finding wines that compliment the festive season. UKV PLC does not limit the options available to those simply seen as the best in red wines that are provided for those seeking the best in wines that bring together the best in festive vintages and varieties. White wines are often not seen as festive, but the 2009 D’Yquem vintage is one of the top Holiday dessert wines because of its fruity texture and flavors that are enjoyed with rich sweet flavors.

More traditional Holiday colors and textures are found in the Montrose 1998 vintage that is created from a blend of grapes largely from the Merlot variety to develop plum and black cherry flavors and a deep red color. A second traditional option is the Ducru Beaucaillou variety that has come to maturity after its creation in 2005 that allowed its rich deep purple color to be developed for an enjoyable wine variety.

A second option that has brought a classic vintage to maturity before being enjoyed is the Pichon Baron of 1998 that has reached its peak moment of maturity and can be enjoyed for its sweet flavors and aromas along with a fruity aroma the Bordeaux region is well known for.

The 2008 Beychevelle vintage is another that has now reached a level of maturity that has allowed its range of sophisticated flavors to be enjoyed in the best possible way that bring the classic cranberry of the festive period to the fore.

Purchase wine online at The Vintner’s Selection.

Everyone wants to be successful in the activities that they choose to be involved in. Professional success is extremely rewarding because it is recognized by a wide range of personalities within a community. Colleagues in a business setting come from all walks of life. It is possible to inspire and make an impression on individuals who may never communicate with one another in a personal setting. Mike Baur has created a business model that allows him to impact the lives of other people on many different levels. The organization that he created is designed to layout a path from the conception of an idea to its business reality.

Mike Baur spent the first twenty years of his career as a banker in Switzerland. He went on to become a high-level executive in some of the largest banks in the country. The experience in banking gave Mike an insight on what is necessary for the financial stability of managing an organization. Much of the financial stress within a company happens in its beginning stages. It is very expensive to acquire knowledge while trying to run an enterprise. The lessons learned in this process are very expensive and can cost a company its livelihood if the right decisions are not made.

Mike Baur developed a passion for assisting start-up companies in their development stages. At the age of 39 Mike left the banking industry and ventured out on an entrepreneurial path. He founded the Swiss Start Up Factory. The Swiss Start Up Factory invests in new organizations and assist them in the process of becoming full-fledged competitors within there industries. The investment in these startups means more than funding. Baur and his team understands that money alone will not insure the success of any business venture. There must be mentorship provided in order to avoid the pitfalls that derail the progress of most young companies.

The Swiss Start Up Factory is currently the largest accelerator program in Switzerland. It’s office is located in Zurich. It actively seeks digital entrepreneurs for its program. The course is approximately 3 months along and provides a hands-on experience with highly-skilled executives. The mission is to encourage creativity and ambition. It takes time for new ideas to evolve into a functioning business plan. Careful study and evaluation is conducted by the staff at the Swiss Start Up Factory to encourage young entrepreneurs to follow their instincts and remain dedicated to their original visions.


IAP Worldwide is not just another company, but they are a top hiring company within the United States. This company is made up of thousands that have unique skills, as well as those who are gifted in serving others and can work efficiently as self-starters with instruction. IAP Worldwide knows that the beauty is in the challenge, and each mission that IAP is called to work on gets 100% undivided attention, all of the time.

Today, IAP Worldwide is ranked as one of the best employers in the world, but making a difference in the United States is a key need at a time when the discussion is high about job creation and what it takes to continue to be able to create jobs. IAP focuses on hiring individuals that desire and are ready to make a difference, every single day. This company has a multitude of opportunities available.

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Kaye Scholer Represents Lender Group in IAP Worldwide Restructuring
IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. announces the acquisition of two business units from DRS Technologies, Inc.

The areas that IAP Worldwide is known for most include:

General Management
Program Management

There are still even more areas of opportunity with IAP, but the list is voluminous. Every great company knows that providing training and ample resources is the key to creating a great staff. This makes it easier for their to be better customer engagement on every level, and the investment and valuable time that IAP Worldwide gives employees is a testament to their success.

Every company wants to experience growth, but not every company will. The difference between a company that experiences growth and one that does not is how the company is run from the top down.

Recently, Kaye Scholer, a law firm located in the US, was recently hired for the purpose of assisting in the restructuring of IAP Worldwide. As the administrative agent for Deutsche Bank and Trust, Kaye Scholer is settling for debts outside of the court system to keep things simple for the company. The contract negotiated, worth about $50 million is a big deal for Kaye Scholer, as well as for IAP as they continue to work toward the greater good of serving people.

IAP Worldwide has been offering support services for military installations, government agencies, technical support, and much more on a global scale.

Find IAP Worldwide jobs on CareerCast

Have you ever wanted to let your colorful inner rebel out? Doe Deere is an entrepreneur and global beauty icon known all over the web for doing just that.


The Bright Beginning


Born in Russia, Doe learned to love color from early childhood. Makeup, fashion and paint was a staple in her world and the gateway to her signature dramatic self-expression. She experimented with her friends and created wild, funky looks using whatever materials were in hand.


Doe also displayed an innate passion for beauty and business through selling temporary tattoos. She popularized that style secret using herself as a model, showing classmates and neighbors how to pull off the trend. It was a formative experience that helped her to realize the power of breaking the rules and making a positive impact on others.




By her arrival in New York City, Doe Deere was a clear force to be reckoned with. She was 17 years old with a dreams of becoming a musician and artist when she moved first to Manhattan and then settled in Brooklyn. During her time there Doe started a band with her later husband, learning about promotion, marketing, and the importance of creating a personal brand through artistic self-expression in the process.


It was also a time of self-discovery; Doe quickly learned that the administrative positions she held off and on – including an unsatisfactory stint at an insurance company – were not for her. She studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology and re-discovered her love of color, reaffirming her bright spot in the universe.


Building A Brand


In 2004, Doe registered a fashion account on eBay under the creative name of “limecrime” as a symbol of her personal brand of fashionable and colorful rebellion. True to her style, she wanted to dress the part but found the lack of funky colors in the makeup industry to be unacceptable. After discovering that she was not alone in her love of bold hues, Doe Deere launched Lime Crime four short years later.


Today, Lime Crime is responsible for pioneering techniques in eCommerce-based makeup sales as well as liquid-to-matte lipsticks in ethereal colors that stay on and stay brilliant. Doe Deere and her company have single-handedly revamped the industry inspired makeup-lovers across the globe to stick to their dreams, even dreams as fantastic as unicorns.

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Marc Sparks is an American-based entrepreneur, businessman and venture capitalist. He is currently the principal of Timber Creek Capital and also maintains other multiple portfolio companies.

Marc has written a book about his story to inspire others. His story, which began as a C student then eventually grew to a successful entrepreneur, clearly proves that anyone can be a successful business person.

The book, entitled,”They Can’t Eat You” marks Sparks’ personal life and traces his path to success. In the book, he outlines a couple of successes and a handful of failures, as well as his journey to mastering the realities of entrepreneurship.

With his experiences, Marc started Timber Creek Capital, LP. This company contains his 35 years of experience as an entrepreneur that enable him to tackle the different stages of starting a sustainable business. Marc takes up a handful companies at a time then offer them mentor-ship as well as access to resources like capital, office space, marketing, banking, etc.

Marc’s Philanthropy

Outside of business, Marc Sparks spends his time helping others through his Texas-based homeless shelter known as “The Samaritan Inn ( He has been involved in this life-changing enterprise since the late eighties. Housing about 160 residents per night, the facility concentrates on helping those who also want to help themselves.

They simply deliver a hand up and not a handout at their campus. They have an average stay of five months. Marc notes how hard it is for him to let go of their residents when they graduate. It is, however, humbling when they later share how well they are doing.

Marc has a building passion as well, and this shows very well through his involvement in the Habitat for Humanity where he has personally assisted in constructing more than a dozen homes. He also supports the American Can! Academy. This is a team of magnet high schools. Marc, through his “Sparky’s Kids” Foundation, has given over one thousand new computers to underprivileged children to enable them to break the chain of poverty.

To counter his stress, Marc is an outdoors man and a health enthusiast who enjoys hiking, biking, hunting, fishing, working out, golfing and adventurous travel. He has traveled to exotic places like Easter Island, Angkor Wat, Morocco, China, India, Agra, Machu Picchu, Tibet, Xi’an and the Serengeti. Marc gets a lot of ideas and inspiration from his travel than he does from any other medium. He has traveled the world in a short period of twenty-three days.

Doe Deere may not be the face you picture when you think of a young entrepreneur in the adolescence of their career. She’s wide-eyed, youthful, and funky. However, behind the purple hair and pink lipstick is an unstoppable success story. Deere, who is a Russian immigrant, launched her company, Lime Crime, in 2008. The idea was to establish a line of cosmetics wild and varied enough to compliment her handmade outfits. When she came up with the name, “Lime Crime” as her eBay handle, she was merely having fun. She had no idea that in a few years time she be the owner and CEO of a cosmetic revolution. Instead, Deere was focused on experimenting with color, glitter, and even rhinestones. Since she was a teenager, she has been using makeup to artistically express herself.

Now, Deere is being recognized as a female innovator. While many consider her to be a source of fashion inspiration, she’s breaking new ground in more ways than one. For starters, her brand is dedicated to producing only cruelty-free and vegan products. While major cosmetic brands often work hard to conceal their animal testing and ingredient sources, Lime Crime is offering a humane option for the same price. Moreover, the fact that a one time eBay seller is competing with the most well-established cosmetic companies says it all. Consumers desire products that are geared toward individuality. While Lime Crime’s profits are through.

Deere’s made it clear that she gets a great satisfaction out of communicating with her fans. Beyond her products, she maintains social media accounts where she frequently participates in conversations with her supporters. Like all social media, trolls exist. However, Deere says she likes to focus on the positive and her fans keep her busy most of the time. When she is not on social media, she is probably busy at work in her Los Angeles office. She now has several cosmetic industry experts working for her to help keep up with the growing business. Although, her main business partner is none other than her husband. The couple met shortly after Deere immigrated to the United States, during a period in which she was experimenting as a musician. It seems that no matter what Deere is up to, her creative side seems to guide the way.

Check out the Lime Crime cosmetic line here, and read more about Doe Deere in Galore Magazine.

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Water is life, so the adage goes. Everybody needs water for survival and Waiakea water brings you the most delicious water you can find in the market. This water originates from the Big Island’s Mauna Loa volcano and filters through volcanic rocks with a depth covering thousands of feet.

The filtration process results in pure mineral water that is not only delicious but also rich in alkaline and electrolytes. The mineral water company was established in 2012 in Hawaii and is known for its initiatives in health and ethical matters

Most people love the mineral water because of its delicious taste which is distinctive and unique. Many mineral water lovers prefer taking the water with their favorite dishes. Many can be found enjoying their drink with traditional Hawaiian dishes like the Poi, Sushi and even salads like the Caprese.

It is a beverage that can go with virtually any foodstuff. It’s refreshing and sweet taste makes it a common inclusion in any meal. Waiakea water is made up of different amounts of dissolved minerals which include calcium, magnesium, silica, potassium, sodium and may others. The combination of minerals gives this mineral water gives it a crisp taste which is light and pleasant. Learn more about Waiakea water:

The presence of silica in the water enhances its taste even further. The mineral water is uncontaminated because its source is not affected by human-influenced additives and chemicals like fertilizer, septic tanks waste and animal waste.

The water is scientifically filtered in a safe environment to protect the consumers against any form of contamination and gives it a superior taste in comparison to others in the market. AquaGrade reports that, this mineral water is young water which is fresh and flowing and takes about a month, from its origins at the waiakea springs, to enter into the market.

Young waters are preferable because they absorb a lot of minerals and this gives them the sweet taste that this mineral water is known. Waiakea Water is a sustainable and renewable resource which is sourced from an aquifer with a recharge rate of about 1.4 billion gallons that is rechargeable.

The company is known for its charitable and community-based initiatives which try to provide safe and clean drinking water to disadvantaged communities. Recently, the company sponsored six Elephant Pumps in rural Malawi in conjunction with Pump Aid in its quest to provide safe drinking water

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