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When we feed our dog, we want to make sure she has the best food possible. Beneful has several varieties of wet dog food that come in resealable containers. These are convenient as she doesn’t always eat an entire meal at one time, so I can just put the lid back on the food before storing it in the refrigerator for a later time.


These are small bites of wet dog food that are ideal for my puppy as she is small in size. When I open the container, I can see the pieces of carrots in the beef and wild rice meal. It has the protein that she needs for growing muscles and energy. Real beef is used along with tomatoes that are chopped into small pieces.

Beef Chopped Blends

This is another variety of wet dog food that has small pieces of real food instead of processed meat that other brands contain. The beef and barley meal has peas, slices of carrots and barley. The aroma is enticing for my dog, and I know that she is getting all of the vitamins and nutrients that she needs for her growing body. There is a small bit of sauce in the food so that the meal is moist.

Romana Style Medley

I haven’t seen a wet dog food with these flavors before. There is a hint of Italy in this brand that includes chicken, pasta and spinach. It’s a filling meal in a small container. Small pieces of meat and vegetables are used along with a thicker sauce.

Turkey Chopped Blends

I enjoy this meal for my dog as a special treat. Not only does it have turkey that is high in protein, but it also has sweet potatoes for a nice treat. Brown rice and spinach are also used in the meal. The potatoes are bright orange and can easily be seen in the container.

Kabbalah Centre refers to a not-for-profit organization that is working hard to make Kabbalah understandable and become relevant in the normal everyday life. Teachers at the Kabbalah Centre offer students with a number of spiritual tools that adhere to the kabbalistic principles that can be applied by the students as they see fit in order to improve their lives and this will go a long way in making the world a better place. This centre was founded in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag and has since extended globally with locations span in over 40 cities and a mammoth online presence. Its funds are utilized in funding research and developing new methods aimed at making Kabbalah understandable and accessible.

What does it do?
At Kabbalah Centre, there are a number of things that are done to ensure that Kabbalistic principles are made understandable and accessible. The centre translates and publishes kabbalistic online lectures, texts, classes, audio products, books, develop courses as well as offering one-on-one instructions. Kabbalistic principles emphasize on sharing and hence there are volunteer programs provided to enable students participate in a number of charitable causes and learn more about Kabbalah.

How are students taught?
Every student has access to a teacher who ensures that they support them thoroughly in their studies. Mentors and teachers form part of Kabbalah’s educational infrastructure. The centre has over 300 teachers based worldwide and there is a study program that is aimed at continuing their development. The teachers offer instructions to students in their physical locations around the globe, study groups, by phone, online via webinars as well as supporting those who prefer self-directed study that is available online or in audio.

What is taught?
At the Centre, students are taught the key Kabbalah Principles which are aimed to ensure people live fulfilled lives. Students are taught that sharing is life’s purpose where people connect to an energy force referred to as the Light when they share. Another principle taught is the awareness of ego which directs people to be selfish, limited, addicted, narrow-minded and irresponsible. Thirdly, students are taught that everyone is equal or one as we all have a spark from the Creator. The other teaching is about people leaving their comfort zones as it creates miracles.

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For many centuries, dogs have been man’s best friend. For this reason, they should be treated with the respect and dignity that they deserve. Dog owners should feed their pets with the most nutritious meals every day. The following are different types of Beneful dog food to give energy and nutrition to the pet.

  1. Beneful Playful Life

Pet owners looking for a dog food tha is rich in proteins should invest in the Playful Life variety. This dry food consists of high quality beef and eggs to ensure the dog is healthy. It should feed on this meal at least twice in a day- in the morning and in the evening.

  1. Beneful Healthy Wight

People who want their dogs to attain a certain weight find this type of dog food valuable. It has crunchy yet tender bites that have been manufactured with chicken additions for a good taste. For this reason, it is ideal food for adult dogs that need to eat more calories.

  1. Beneful Healthy Growth Puppy Food

Just as the name suggests, this type of food is meant for young puppies who have just been weaned from breastfeeding. Dog owners will incorporate fast growth in the puppies as this food helps them gain growth nutrients while gaining dog’s right weight. The main ingredient here is yellow corn, but is accentuated with chicken and rice.

  1. Beneful Incredibites

People looking to prevent diseases in their pets should invest in the BenefulIncredibites. The dog food is rich in anti-oxidants. The nutrients provide energy and nutrition for the dog’s day-to-day activities. While the main ingredients are corn and real beef, the food is accented with spinach, carrots and peas.While supermarket chains and grocery stores stock different brands, Beneful is perhaps the leading brand of dog food in the world. There are innumerable customers who pick the brands because of the versatility in quality, nutrition and taste. These types are beneficial for all breeds of pet dogs. For this reason, new pet owners will not be wrong to pick these.Coupons for dog food:

Thor Halvorssen descends from a family of human right activists, political heroes, and warriors. Oystein, his paternal grandfather, represented the King of Norway during the Second World War. His mother shares ancestry with Cristobal Mendoza, Venezuela’s first president, and Bolivar, who led the Latin Americans in demanding independence from Spain. Therefore, Thor Halvorssen firmly believes that personal liberty and human rights should take center stage in any discussion.

Halvorssen understands the practicability of activism
Halvorssen is conversant with both the theoretical and practical aspects of dedicated activism. While carrying out an investigation on the possibility of bank fraud and money laundering in Venezuela, his father was arrested, beaten mercilessly, and tortured. His mother sustained gunshot injuries during a peaceful demonstration in Venezuela back in 2004. Leopold Lopez, his first cousin, is still a political prisoner in one of the Venezuela’s jails. Halvorssen uses challenges he encounters as a stepping-stone for furthering his cause of advocating for human rights. He does not care about the political opinions or inclinations of people he works with, provided they are working towards a common goal and read full article.

Thor Halvorssen in brief
Thor Halvorssen is a leading Venezuelan human rights activist and film producer who has made significant contributions in the specialty of public interest advocacy, civil liberties, pro-democracy advocacy, and public policy. He heads the Human Right Foundation, a non-partisan organization that protects and advocates human rights worldwide. It unites people in the collective goal of defending human rights and fostering liberal democracy. Halvorssen works tirelessly to ensure the organization’s mission of preserving and promoting freedom across the globe is realized. He serves as the Patron of Children’s Peace Movement headquartered in Czech and the Moving Picture Institute’s founder.

Halvorssen founded the Oslo Freedom Forum, a movement that holds conferences on a yearly basis. He has promoted human rights through film production and writing. His opinions have featured in leading newspapers and journals such as The Washington Post, The Nation, The Wall Street Journal, and Time Magazine. Halvorssen is a gifted speaker who has appeared on prominent television outlets including BBC News, The O’Reilly Factor, and Al-Jazeera and resume him.

For the many people out there who are still single, you’ve probably at least tried an app based dating service such as Bumble, the site founded by Whitney Wolfe. You may wonder if these are efficient, if you’ll ever meet the right person, or if the right matches are even on the same site as you. Well, there are many benefits to using such a site.

One of the advantages of using app based dating is that its quick and easy. You can check out potential matches anywhere, such as walking down the street, or waiting for your coffee at the local cafe. They are great for people who are extremely busy, as they keep things short and to the point. Its like meeting a whole group of people at one time.

Whitney Wolfe is the founder of the app Bumble. This is a site that only allows women to initiate contact. Whitney Wolfe is from Paris, France and went to college in Texas. Many people refer to her as a marketing genius.

Previously, Whitney Wolfe was a co-founder of the popular app Tinder, however she has since left the company to create Bumble. In many ways, the two apps are extremely similar. Look through the matches, while quickly swiping “yes” or “no” for each match. Although Bumble is free, Whitney Wolfe is always looking for ways to create a monetary flow. She feels that apps such as Bumble will change the face of dating, and she is proud to be the creator of a self proclaimed feminist dating app.

According to real estate website, Trulia, the Miami Beach real estate market is definitely a buyer’s one right now. It is also continuing to steadily move towards a buyer’s market direction. The median sale price of homes in Miami Beach is down by $12,500 when compared to March of last year. Price per square foot has also seen a decline from $450 in March of 2016 to $433 for March of 2017. After hitting a bottom in January of 2017, rental rates have made a sharp rise. This may simply reflect a seasonal trend for rental properties.

Is there anything good to gauge from the sales and rental data of homes in Miami Beach? If you look at the general trend, then prices are falling and price per square feet is falling. Rental prices seem to be rebounding. Previous years data does show some highs and lows which can reflect seasonal fluctuations where demand is high and other times where it is low. This could mean that the real estate market in Miami Beach is still relatively strong, although it suffers from some ups and down like most markets do.

Samuel Strauch’s Real Estate Business In Florida

Samuel Strauch is a real estate executive who is based in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area. He founded the real estate development company called Metrik Real Estate in South Florida. Samuel Strauch serves as the principal or leading executive at Metrik. The company is involved in property management of commercial facilities, brokerage and equity development. The brokerage aspect of Metrik Real Estate involves listing, selling and helping people sell properties in the South Florida and Latin American markets.

Samuel Strauch has Dutch Roots. He attended Hofstra University in the United States for his undergraduate studies. There he obtained a bachelor degree in business administration with a focus on international business. Later Samuel Strauch returned to his native Netherlands to study at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Netherlands. His major there was international finance and marketing.

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Julie Zuckerberg lives in New York. She works at Deutsche Bank where she is the talent acquisition leader and the executive recruitment Leader. Julie works together with leaders in Commercial business and private wealth fields, global technology, asset management, and operations to steer the regional policies in talent acquisition and improvements in the recruitment process. Julie heads the development and negotiation of managerial levels including primary function stakeholders and real risk takers. Julie also offers advice to executive and leadership committees about hiring governance and the best recruitment methods to enhance engagement and proficiency so as to attract top and diverse talent.


Julie Zuckerberg attended the City University of New York, Brooklyn College where she cleared her studies in philosophy. She also went to New York Law School where she studied law. Julie Zuckerberg joined Hudson where she was the Director of Candidate Placement upon completing her studies. She worked at Hudson for five years. Julie was able to recruit attorneys, case managers, paralegals and support staff, and other employees of different levels. Julie was responsible for providing information regarding the job details and guidelines for their prospects and promotion at Hudson. Julie served as the vital link between the management and employees in case of any issues and problems related to work.


Julie is skilled in employee counseling, coaching, and conflict resolution. Julie left Hudson in 2007 and went to work for Citi Global Consumer Bank, New York where she served as the Executive Recruiter. Her position here entailed helping the management through offering advice on some compensation trends and recruitment strategies to assist the firm to acquire an edge above the competition. Julie was also responsible for offering insights on competitive market and talent acquisition. She was involved in the negotiation of equity buyouts, immigration, relocation, clawbacks, and other complex recruitment practices. Julie managed the process of international and expatriate relocations while working at Citi.


Julie’s outstanding performance and skills were evident at Citi Global Functions where she was able to make some notable changes. She was also able to acquire more exposure and knowledge regarding the process of recruitment while working at Citi. She empowered herself with knowledge, a wealth of information, audit management, legal compliance, and recruitment front. Julie Zuckerberg went to work at New York Life Insurance Company after she had left Citi Group. She offered complete lifecycle recruitment support and recruitment procedures at various levels while working at this firm. She also worked in conjunction with the company’s senior management and came up with business strategies and offered solutions.


Julie Zuckerberg has a current role at Deutsche Bank. She assists with counseling and coaching recruitment executive teams. Julie is also in charge of the process of recruiting MD level positions. She is in charge of the negotiations. Julie Zuckerberg has her interests in sports, technology, photography, food, and art when she is not working. She firmly believes that there has to be the recruitment of the right individuals and the reduction of attrition for a business to succeed.




Troy McQuagge’s leadership at the USHEALTH Advisors has played a significant role in enhancing its operations. Recently, One Planet Awards recognized his excellent performance. Troy, the CEO of the company, was announced the gold winner of CEO of the Year Award. One Planet Award program honors business and professional excellence. Since he joined USHEALTH Group in 2010, Troy has established innovative strategies that have transformed the company’s captive distribution agency, USHEALTH Advisors. His successful plan of rebuilding the agency came with a reward. Troy was appointed to serve as the president and CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. Since then, the company has experienced tremendous growth, emerging as a leader in the highly competitive market of individual health insurance. Its profitability margins have also increased,

One Planet Awards recognizes excellence in the categories of new products and services, teams, executives, corporate communications, marketing, PR and organizations around the world. All companies around the globe are eligible to submit their nominations in different categories. When he was receiving the award, Troy praised the entire team at USHEALTH Group for their undying support and determination to deliver quality services.

About Troy McQuagge

Apart from his distinctive corporate executive role, Troy McQuagge is also an entrepreneur in Panama City, Florida. For over three decades, Troy has served in different leadership positions. His career started in health insurances sales where he spent the longest time of his professional life. He worked for Allstate Insurance before moving to UICI/Health Market in 1995. Troy is a graduate of the University of Florida. Presently, he resides in Coppell, Texas.

At USHEALTH Group, Troy is in charge of selling health insurance to individuals who are below the ages of 65. Troy was named as the gold winner of the Most Innovative CEO of the Year. In 2016, the Annual CEO World Awards awarded him with the CEO of the Year award under the insurance category. This award program honors excellence displayed by CEOs and companies in North America, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America. The Annual CEO World Awards is a unit of SVUS Awards, which is based in Silicon Valley.

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The hair care aisle is lined with products that promise to turn frizzy, dry and limp hair into shiny, soft and healthy locks of glory. Yet, few manage to deliver. Emily McClure put one popular product to the test by using it for one week. Her results may surprise you.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner

Like most of us, Emily first heard about WEN Cleansing Conditioner from a QVC infomercial in which founder Chaz Dean makes lofty promises about his product’s restorative abilities. Emily, tired of being ashamed of her limp and dull hair, decided to find out for herself if WEN Cleansing Conditioner can deliver on its promises.

What makes WEN Cleansing Conditioner unique is its completely plant-based list of ingredients. While most hair care products cause dryness and damage thanks to sulfates, emulsifiers and synthetic preservatives, Wen hair Cleansing Conditioner uses botanical extracts and vegetable-based moisturizers to gently cleanse and condition hair.

The Results

Emily decided to use WEN Cleansing Conditioner every day for a week and record her hair’s progress in a journal. She went to the local Guthy-Renker beauty shop and picked up WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner. While many hair care products rely on petroleum-based synthetic fragrances, this product’s delicious smell comes from natural extracts.

She applied the product according to the directions on the bottle. She massaged it thoroughly into her hair and scalp before rinsing it out. Once Emily’s hair was dry, it was remarkably soft and full of volume. The quick results were unexpected and Emily was pleasantly surprised.

Throughout the week, Emily’s hair continued to improve. In just one week, her hair went from fine and lifeless to soft, shiny and full of volume. Even Emily’s friends began to comment on her hair’s improvement.

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This is the code of conduct created for the advertising sector. It is fully by the Anti-Corruption Law.

Specialist in Communication of Public Interest is the only Brazilian agency that was invited to participate in various advertising competitions of international organizations. But its members were not looking for international or national recognition alone. This process of creating the Corporate Integrity Program had started two years ago. Now a rigid Compliance system has been completed as well as implemented in the agency. Hence this is the only one in this sector that has its code of conduct submitted to the General Comptroller of the Union, which is an organ of the newly created Ministry of Transparency, Supervision, and Control.

The founding partner of the agency has stated that this attitude is a consequence of the constant concern which they had about the transparency as well as the delimitation of the directives which are an important segment of the ethics of the agency. Everything has to be correct always, and it must be acted in a coherent and complete way. Such an intense process will require internal changes that must be by ethics.

Bruno Jorge Fagali is responsible for the implementation of the Corporate Integrity Program. This would require training of the teams of São Paulo, Brasília as well as Rio de Janeiro. Bruno Jorge Fagali is in charge of Corporate Integrity Management, created to play this process.

Bruno Jorge Fagali is a specialist in Administrative Law. He holds a Master’s degree in State Law from USP. During his professional life, he has been focused on administrative law specifically on the area of Public Administration control. He is an expert in the prevention of acts of administrative impropriety.

He believes that we need to be careful as our expertise and public communication tends to generate mistrust nowadays.


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